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How to Harvest the Wind

Posted on September 26, 2021 by Damion Poeling

Wind is generated in the uneven heating of the air and irregularities in the earth's surface. The air movement between these areas is what we refer to as end. As we can use flowing water to turn turbines, we could exploit the energy of the wind with wind turbines to make electricity.

Wind turbines are in use since the 1920s. Their earliest use was to provide power in remote areas which didn't have access to a large utility company. Today there are fewer places that are"off the grid" but wind power can now be used to supplement conventional power sources.

Wind turbines can be used individually to give electricity for a household, or they may be utilized in arrays to give electricity on a large scale. These arrays of industrial sized turbines are known as"wind farms" and are often situated in regions that get consistent strong winds. Coastal areas, hilltops, and mountain passes are common places for wind farms.

Due to advances in wind turbine technology we're currently able to use the wind as an inexpensive alternative to fossil fuel for generating power. New technologies make turbines more efficient and modern production techniques bring the expense of turbines down.

When used as a nutritional supplement for residential power, wind turbines are connected to the breaker box offered by the electricity company. The power generated is available for immediate consumption, and whether the wind turbine produces more power than is required the excess is fed back into the utility grid for a credit on the homeowners electricity bill.

For those interested in living"off the grid" wind electricity may be utilised together with other alternative energy resources like solar power. Both of these methods of producing electricity complement each other, once the sunlight is strong, the end might be reduced, and the end could be stronger on overcast days.

Additionally, since solar power isn't produced at night, a wind turbine can supply the electricity currently.