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How to Select an Installer for Your Solar Panels

Posted on May 23, 2024 by Damion Poeling

With the brand new rollout of massive federal tax credits, state subsidiary programs and net metering, going solar is practical. So, how can you pick an installer for the system?

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As with any major section of your home, installing a solar platform ought to be done by way of a professional. Most of the tax credit and rebate programs require professional installation and failure to take action can result in the increased loss of the benefits. In a nutshell, you can find practical and economic reasons to obtain it done right.

While a solar platform is necessarily a kind of electrical generation, you mustn't assume every electrician knows how exactly to install one. In reality, most usually do not. Instead, you can travel to a niche site like solarcompanies.com to get businesses in a state, search on the net or simply grab the telephone book. In states such as for example California, installers are plentiful while other locations may necessitate a little bit of hunting.

Once you've located potential installers, ensure that you ask some questions. Usually do not select the lowest price or first one you discover. Use your good sense and ask exactly the same questions you'll to any contractor installing something on your own home.

The first question to ask is if the installer has, actually, installed systems before, how often and for just how many years? You don't want a neophyte handling your installation. Installation experience is essential because certain components of solar systems have become unique, especially if you're tying right into a grid system for a computer program company. In case you are tying in, make certain the installer has experience doing such installations, not only putting up solar power panels.

The second question to ask is if the installing company is licensed. Most solar installers will undoubtedly be necessary to have an electrician's license. Contacting hawaii electrical board to enquire about the installer is really a wise move. For a few state rebates, you may even need to use an installer which has a solar contractor specialty license. Again, hawaii electrical board will be able to give you a hand with this particular.

This may all sound a little confusing, so let's turn to easy and simple way for finding installers. When in doubt, contact the maker of one's system. Many manufacturers have a summary of approved installers. Or even, they typically could make recommendations regarding various entities that handle the work for you personally.