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How to Create an Ideal Kitchen

Posted on September 18, 2021 by Damion Poeling

The kitchen is one of the most significant places in the home.

That is where your creative juices in your job producing your new dishes or pastries.

Ideally there should be easy accessibility between the kitchen and the doorstep or main entrance of the home.

This means simple delivery of your groceries and also simple disposal of waste and garbage.

Ideally the cooker should be located as near as possible to the huge open air space or outside and yet within the boundaries of shelter from wind, rain and sunlight.

This serves two functions. Primarily when you fry greasy food this allows the oil and dirt vapour to escape to the open air rather than settling on the walls of the kitchen cabinets. You must spend much time cleaning these areas. Secondly, this is going to be a security measure. In the event of leaking gas from gas pipe or electrons the cooking gas will be introduced to the outside as opposed to filling the entire home with gas and possibly killing everyone because of gas poisoning.

Consider placing the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator upon a concrete platform or foundation. This means it will be much easier to wash, mop or wash the kitchen floor without repainting and corroding the kitchen cabinets. Additionally, it will prevent the electric appliances from being hurt by water seeping in.

Next, there should be no gaps or spaces between the cupboard,stove and sink and the floor. By getting rid of the distance this prevents cockroaches and other insect out of residing in the darkened corners.

Your kitchen needs to be water proof and use heavy duty and higher grade materials so it will not rust or break. This is particularly so in the area surrounding the sink. Things can become easily corroded and spoil as a result of the water splashes and spilling in the sink. Do not used wood for your cabinets beneath the sink. If possible construct the region around the sink and stove using stone or concrete for the foundation and granite tiles to the surface for maximum durability.

Above all, there should always adequate worktop space between the sink and the hob so that space may be used for food prep.

You have to plan the kitchen layout carefully. Review and assess everything before proceeding. If you wish to pay water pipes and sewage pipes during restoration, please inspect and check for leaking pipes and repair prior to proceeding to renovate. Otherwise water in the faulty pipes will spoil the kitchen cabinets.

Also ask your kitchen designer on the positioning of your electrical outlets. These should be found where the appliances will be placed. By way of instance appliances like your kettle, microwave oven, dish washer, oven, hob and hood, refrigerator and rice cooker. Before renovation, take note of existing electric sockets which has to be re situated.